Post series: West Coast Trail Journal

Km 75. The end of the West Coast Trail.

West Coast Trail Day 6: Thrasher Cove to Gordon River

A 5-mile hike (that seemed much longer) to finish this fantastic trail.

West Coast Trail

West Coast Trail Day 5: Camper Bay to Thrasher Cove

On this day I hiked through the most beautiful section of the trial: Owen Point.

Crab on the beach, West Coast Trail

West Coast Trail Day 4: Carmanah Creek to Camper Bay

I woke up around 8am to the scorching sun hitting my tent. Just for fun, I decided to take the cable car that goes over the Carmanah Creek campsite.

Carmanah Lighthouse from a distance, West Coast Trail

West Coast Trail Day 3: Tsusiat Falls to Carmanah Creek

The weather was good and I had so far found the trail relatively easy. The plan for the day was to hike 21 km to Carmanah Creek.

Tsusiat Falls campsite, West Coast Trail

West Coast Trail Day 2: Darling River to Tsusiat Falls

After sleeping very well, I woke up a little bit after 9am. The fog had cleared and the weather was great, and I spotted a couple of whales deep in the sea. They were hard to spot from a distance though. Looking south, I could see the Olympic Peninsula.