Year: 2009

John Muir Trail Day 14: Marie Lake to Selden Pass to Muir Trail Ranch

Selden Pass (10,900 ft) is only a very short climb from Make Lake. There’s always an exciting anticipation when going over a pass to see what’s on the other side.

John Muir Trail Day 13: Vermilion Valley Resort to Marie Lake

Still feeling the effects of overeating, I chose to have a light breakfast consisting of pancakes only. Ryan was there and told me that he had invited Steve to join us on the trail.

John Muir Trail Day 12: Vermilion Valley Resort

I indulged in way too much food on this planned rest day. My body become restless from not hiking in the afternoon as I looked forward to get moving again.

John Muir Trail Day 11: Cascade Valley Junction to Silver Pass to Vermilion Valley Resort

I would have to pick up the pace to cover the 12 miles to Lake Edison to catch the 4:45pm ferry to Vermilion Valley Resort. Right away, the trail climbs 1200 ft. to Squaw Lake, an excellent camping spot with amazing views.

John Muir Trail Day 10: Deer Creek to Cascade Valley Junction

It was another cold night. I checked the temperature inside the tent around 6:30am and it was 32°F (0°C). The mosquitoes came back with the warmth of the sun.