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Taipei 101 from Elephant Mountain

In Review: 28 Days of Backpacking in Taiwan

Spending summary, my favorite pictures, and how it is to backpack around the country.

Alishan Forest Railway

Alishan National Scenic Area

Old huge trees, large crowds, beautiful ponds, and historic train rides.

Fenqihu Station, Alishan Forest Railway

Riding The Alishan Forest Railway to Fenqihu

A ride on a historic Alishan Forest Railway to the beautiful quiet town of Fenqihu, where we found lush green forests all to ourselves.

Kenting Forest Recreation Area

Kenting National Park, Taiwan

Our first impression of Kenting Village was very different than what we expected. It was crowded and crazy, but Kenting’s beauty lies in its surrounding nature.

Shanfong #1 Bridge, Walami Trail, Taiwan

Yuli Township And Walami Trail, Taiwan

After a 1-hour train ride from Hualien, we arrived at Yuli Train Station. While Hualien is much smaller than Taipei, Yuli really has the feeling of a small country town. Our airbnb host picked us up at the train station, who drove us to our place.