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Looking back at Wheeler Peak

Western USA Road Trip: Great Basin National Park

After camping at high altitude and below freezing temperatures, we hiked to the top of Wheeler Peak, the second highest peak in Nevada at 13,065 ft (3,982 m).

Young Bear in Grand Teton National Park

Western USA Road Trip: Grand Teton National Park

On our hike up to Amphitheater Lake we saw a black bear from up close, but luckily it was more interested in eating berries than humans.

Calcite Springs Overlook, Yellowstone National Park

Western USA Road Trip: Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone has it all: huge and colorful geysers, big waterfalls, expansive valleys, lakes, hot springs, bears, and hundreds of bison.

Hidden Lake, North Cascades National Park

Western USA Road Trip: North Cascades National Park

This was the last of 3 National Parks we visited in Washington. After spending a lot of time trying to find a campsite during Labor Day, we hiked up to beautiful Hidden Lake. This was the first serious day hikes we did during our road trip.

Pike Place Market, Seattle

Western USA Road Trip: Seattle

We visited a couple of iconic places in Seattle such as Pike Place Market and the REI flagship store. We also ate lots of food we don’t get to enjoy while camping.