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In Review: 7 Days of Traveling in Eritrea

Why I went there, places I visited, summary of expenses, favorite pictures, and how it is to travel in this exotic country in the Horn of Africa.

Riding a Historic Train in Asmara

We saved the best activity for last when, on our last full day in Eritrea, we got to ride the Eritrean Railway, a vintage Italian steam train from the 1930s.

Caves, Canyons, And Ruins of Qohaito

A fun day trip to an area with lots of interesting archeological stuff, as traveling with the tour group started to become more enjoyable for me.

Massawa, And Testing The Limits of My Patience

We finally got our luggage from FlyDubai after three days of waiting in Asmara. With that taken cared of, we set out to visit the coastal city of Massawa.

Churches and Cemeteries in Asmara

While waiting for our missing luggage to arrive, we visited some of the most interesting and unique sites in Asmara, including a tank cemetery.