Month: February 2016

Ikoma Sanjyo Amusement Park

Ikoma Sanjyo Amusement Park

On the way back from Nara, I stopped at Ikoma Station and took the funicular to the top of Mount Ikoma, where I found a very pleasant surprise.

River Plate vs FC Barcelona, FIFA Club World Cup

Following River Plate at the FIFA Club World Cup

Knowing that River Plate had qualified for it by winning the Copa Libertadores, I coincided my return to Japan with the FIFA Club World Cup. Watching them face FC Barcelona also meant I got another chance to see Lionel Messi.

View of Osaka from Umeda Sky Building

2 Months of Living in Osaka

I enjoyed so much my 3 weeks in Japan during the summer of 2015 that I decided to return and work at a hostel in Osaka at the end of that year. With my intention of possibly opening my own hostel in the future, this gave me an opportunity to really find out how things work behind the scenes.