Year: 2015

Akihabara, Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

I always get a special feeling when I arrive at a big historical city like Tokyo. The setting of so many movies, books, and photographs, it gave me a similar feeling than when I visited Rio de Janeiro, New York, Hong Kong, and big European cities in the past.

At the very top of Mount Fuji

Climbing Mount Fuji

A priority destination for this round the world trip, I timed my visit to Japan to coincide with the climbing season of Mount Fuji. The route to the top is an easy walk, and can only be done from July to mid-September.

Hida Takayama

A Short Visit to Hida Takayama

On my way from Osaka to Tokyo, I wanted to spend 2 half-days visiting Takayama. I ended up losing half a day when I left my JR Rail Pass and my Kindle reader on the shinkansen train before getting off at Nagoya Station. After I got off the train, and as it was closing its doors, I realized what I had done.

Places visited after 500 days

Thoughts After 500 Days on Round The World Trip

A quick look back, thoughts about long term travel, and a rough plan for the next 2 years.

Arashiyama bamboo grove, Kyoto

Visiting the Old Capital City of Kyoto

A beautiful city with lots of historical sites, and some strange sex shops.