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Exploring The Desert Town of Yazd

This post is part of a series called Iran 2016 Arriving early in the morning at Yazd Railway Station after a 15-hour journey from Mashhad, I was met by a…

Train from Masshad at Yazd Station

Riding The Night Train From Mashhad to Yazd in Iran

A 15-hour ride to Yazd, on which I shared a sleeping compartment with two Iranians who didn’t speak any English.

Mashhad, My First Destination in Exotic Iran

Arriving to this exotic and unknown country, I felt a strange mix of excitement, intimidation, disorientation, and adventure.

In Review: 21 Days of Traveling in UAE, Qatar, And Kuwait

My impressions of traveling in the Arabian Peninsula, plus expense summary, places I went to, and my favorite pictures.

In Review: 7 Days of Traveling in Eritrea

Why I went there, places I visited, summary of expenses, favorite pictures, and how it is to travel in this exotic country in the Horn of Africa.