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Shinsaibashi, Osaka

Osaka, And First Japanese Culture Shock

Despite being travel-weary after 15 months of traveling, arriving in Kansai Airport (Osaka) from Taipei was a much-needed shock to my system.

Night Market, Keelong

Taiwan’s Night Markets

I got the chance to visit a lot of night markets while in Taipei and Keelong. Usually on outdoor streets, there are many of them spread across the city. They primarily sell food, but you can also find clothes and other cheap items.

Taipei 101 from Elephant Mountain

Taipei, The Hometown I Barely Knew

A rediscovery of my city and country of birth, and a chance to spend some time with my parents, relatives, and friends.

Uluru during sunset

In Review: 23 Days of Backpacking in Australia

A summary of my 23 days in Australia, including expenses, my favorite pictures, and how it is to backpack in the country.

Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road

Rental Car Relocation, And Driving the Great Ocean Road in Australia

With a tight schedule due to train schedules, I went on a rushed but beautiful road trip though this famous coastal road in Southern Australia.