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Taking 13 Flights in 20 Days

A journey through 8 countries in Africa and the Middle East in 3 weeks took away my joy of flying for a while.

In Review: 5 Days of Backpacking in Somaliland

Summary of expenses, my favorite pictures, why and where I went, and how it is to backpack is this country filled with friendly locals.

From Scorching Hot Berbera to Cool Sheikh

After a couple of days in Hargeisa we hired a 4×4 with a driver and armed escort, and set out to explore a bit the rest of the Somaliland.

Cave Paintings Of Laas Geel

Our two-day road trip (with armed escort included) starts off with a visit to these very well preserved ancient wall paintings.

Somaliland’s Independence Day

A mob followed us everywhere as we tried to get past the super tight security to get a glimpse of the military parade.