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Third Visit to Ansel Adams Wilderness

Earlier in June, and just like last year, I organized a trip to the Ansel Adams Wilderness. While I usually prefer to hike alone, I really enjoyed taking a group…

Thousand Island Lake, Garnet Lake, and Ansel Adams Wilderness

To me, the most beautiful section of my 2009 John Muir Trail hike was the area around Thousand Island Lake and Garnet Lake. On that occasion, I had arrived at…

John Muir Trail Day 7: Thousand Island Lake to Rosalie Lake

Rain was still falling at 6:30am. The winds were strong all night, waking me up a few times as the tent’s rain fly flapped against the inner wall. I should have used the tent guy lines. The rain wasn’t hard but it was steady.

John Muir Trail Day 6: Donohue Pass to Thousand Island Lake

I heard some animal walk by my tent when I woke up around 7:30am. Through the tent mesh I saw a big fat marmot standing 3 feet away from me. Definitely not something you see everyday back home.

John Muir Trail Day 5: Tuolumne Meadows to Donohue Pass

After packing quickly, I went to see if Buzz and G-Man were still around. They were getting ready and invited me to hike with them.