Month: June 2014

Libreria El Ateneo, Buenos Aires

Located at Avenida Santa Fe 1860 in what used to be Teatro Gran Splendid, there are no words are needed to describe how beautiful Libreria Ateneo is.

Vacation Within a Vacation

Taking a break from traveling to spend time with relatives and life-long friends in the city I grew up in.

Quality Time with Dad in Cordoba, Argentina

Cordoba was the first city I lived in when my family moved to Argentina. I was 3 years old and only lived there for a year before moving to Buenos Aires.

Thoughts After One Month on Round The World Trip

Looking back at the first month of this long trip, including the struggle to be mindful of experiences.

In Review: 11 Days of Backpacking in Bolivia

Places I visited, spending summary, favorites and not so favorites, and my best pictures of Bolivia.