Month: February 2017

Massawa, And Testing The Limits of My Patience

We finally got our luggage from FlyDubai after three days of waiting in Asmara. With that taken cared of, we set out to visit the coastal city of Massawa.

Churches and Cemeteries in Asmara

While waiting for our missing luggage to arrive, we visited some of the most interesting and unique sites in Asmara, including a tank cemetery.

Asmara, And First Impressions of Eritrea

Our trip to Eritrea gets to a bad start, but it was hard not to get charmed by the city’s architecture and friendly people.

Indulging in food in Kuwait City

Food Indulgence in Kuwait City

Food, shisha smoking, shopping malls, with a few sites mixed in between.

Taking 13 Flights in 20 Days

A journey through 8 countries in Africa and the Middle East in 3 weeks took away my joy of flying for a while.