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Ancient Town of Abyaneh, And Beautiful Fin Garden

Tommy, a traveler I had met in Shiraz, was also in Kashan at the same time, so we hired Abos (an honest taxi driver I met earlier) to take us on a day trip.

Desert Oasis Town of Kashan

With my trip to Iran coming close to the end, I made a stop in Kashan on my way from Isfahan to Tehran, arriving after a 3-hour bus ride.

Isfahan, The Most Beautiful City I Visited in Iran

Walking around this city for the first time, I quickly realized how different it was from other cities I had visited in Iran.

Exploring The Ancient Castles and Temples of Firuzabad, Iran

A pleasant day trip from Shiraz with a knowledgeable guide to visit two sites from the Sassanian Empire era.

Persepolis And The Tombs of Naqsh-e Rustam

I was really looking forward to visit Persepolis, a site with so much history, and the center of the once mighty Persian Empire.