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Costs for 250 Days of Backpacking in South America

A breakdown of all my expenses while backpacking through Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, and Chile.

Rio de Janeiro from Sugarloaf Mountain

In Review: 250 Days of Backpacking in South America

An unforgettable first leg of my round the world trip. It provided me with enough memorable moments to last me a lifetime.

Thoughts After 100 Days on Round The World Trip

I don’t feel like time has passed quickly. Instead, I feel like I have already seen and experienced so many things during this time.

Thoughts After One Month on Round The World Trip

Looking back at the first month of this long trip, including the struggle to be mindful of experiences.

In Review: 11 Days of Backpacking in Bolivia

Places I visited, spending summary, favorites and not so favorites, and my best pictures of Bolivia.