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Exploring The Ancient Castles and Temples of Firuzabad, Iran

A pleasant day trip from Shiraz with a knowledgeable guide to visit two sites from the Sassanian Empire era.

Persepolis And The Tombs of Naqsh-e Rustam

I was really looking forward to visit Persepolis, a site with so much history, and the center of the once mighty Persian Empire.

Mosques And Bazaars of Shiraz

Most people know the name “Shiraz” from red wines sold all over the world. I remember finding out that it was a city in Iran just four or five years ago.

Day Trip to Kharanaq, Chak Chak, And Meybod

An action packed day visiting three very interesting and different places, including 1000 year old mud houses, a mountain shrine, and a 4000 year old citadel.

Exploring The Desert Town of Yazd

This post is part of a series called Iran 2016 Arriving early in the morning at Yazd Railway Station after a 15-hour journey from Mashhad, I was met by a…